Monday, 13 October 2014

More Man City Lying - Raheem Said Wired not Tired.



So, our worst fears are confirmed. The EPL, the Uefa twatzoids from Planet Cheat; the Queen of England; the Pope and Manchester City Football Club will not leave Liverpool and Raheem Sterling alone. This is City's doing and their fellow Arsewits-in-Blue, Neverton. (see what I did there - Neverton, fucking lol!!!!). They are determined to discredit us because we are the champions, not them, and it is belatedly beginning to dawn on everyone that clubs without a history never win anything because this would be a contradiction in terms.

City are shit scared now that they will soon be exposed for  the shysters that they and so are yet again they are bent on sabotage and creating a commotion to drowned out the truth tellers.. They were only formed in 1988 but are putting it about that the club is over 100 years old and first became champions of England in the 1930's. They kept on ringing Hodgson in Estonia spreading all sorts of lies in order to create a diversion from this and deter people from researching this matter. What next you jealous knobheads? Bad enough the mighty Red Men win the League and you twats refuse to believe it ... but now you are trashing the new Scouse Tranaldo for being tired!.  The Abominable Woy had better not get an OBE in the next Queen's speech or someone is getting assassinated. He is a lesbian anyway and everyone knows that this is the only interesting thing about him.

Raheem does not put rollers in his hair!! Why do City and Chavski keep saying that he does? Get knotted! And Jose said it as well and hasn't even been charged by the Scudamore arse-unit for doing so. Same thing with Arsene Wenger. Worse, in fact, because not content with making hair roller allegations, the French one was pushing people in the face as he was saying it and then claiming he only did this to get himself from A to B. He is insulting your intelligence, you Red Men hating half-wits.What is wrong with putting curlers in your hair, anyway, you stupid bastards? I am always doing it and nobody takes the piss out of me. My hair has touched many stars.

What about WOONEY'S  rug of dead gerbil head? No one appears to be saying anything about this!!! Can you imagine if he played for Liverpool? We would never hear the end of it.  You people couldn't recognise a Blue Mancs mind game if it pulled your heads off and poured runny turd of wildebeest down your necks.

Anyway, did he fuck tell Woy he was too tired. He said, "wired" you absolute knobheads. Wake up and smell the coffee. WIRED, not TIRED The deaf old post Woy, Duchess of Gruesomely-Dreary, wants waterboarding for mishearing that. And why did the stupid old dyke feel the need to put it on Twitter and Facebook?  City read this and retweeted it. Now, all of a sudden, Raheem's hair-do is the talk of the nation. What has Raheem Sterling's hair got to do with that bunch of title-thieves or, for that matter, all the idiots falling for their conning Ponsi scheming "we are the champions" antics. It is beyond a joke. We are surrounded by evil clowns. I have resigned my post with the Council as a library assistant. This has been done in protest. I urge others to do likewise. They are trying to sabotage us because they know Raheem is the best player on the planet and we are going to win the Quadruple this season.

Neverton, City and the giraffe shagging rags will invent a song about this now and will sing it constantly. So will everyone else. It will be Steviegate all over again with knobs on. Well, you utter twats, we've got a song for all of yous. It goes like this and we will sing it loud and proud.

Raheem Stirling Stir
Why don't you lay off of her?!!!!
You're just trying to fucking stir!!!!
Raheem Stirling Stir

How can Raheem be wrong just because he couldn't be arsed and Brenda told him he'd better make tosspot of himself or else for the sake of his club? We wouldn't mind, but did you see him when he ran on the pitch with 30 minutes to go?!! He has reverted to the running style he had when he was a six year old school girl! City rang him up on his mobile whilst he was resting quietly on the bench and suggested he run like this to divert attention from the hair thing. This did not even work. They knew it wouldn't. They are such fiendish bastards. It is cluster-fuckery on steroids and not one bastard has picked up on it. Where are the fines and the points docking?

As for not wanting to play for England when you're tired, well I'm not being funny but you people need reminding that it was a Sunday, FFS, and Raheem is just 19 years of age and a lazy twat. I remember back when I was 19, there was no way I was getting out of bed until four in the afternoon if it was a Sunday and only then if I had enough reefer to see me through to Monday morning. What do people expect?! I bet back when Sergio Aguero was that age, he would have told Argentina to go and shag his continental quilt if they tried to make him get out of bed before teatime just to play in an international! The robber-baron City idiots know this and have been covering it up.

Why should Raheem have to play if is he's tired?! Do you go to work if you're tired?! Of course you don't, you hypocritical knicker sniffers.  What about Danny Sturridge? His leg was hanging off, you pricks. So was his head. The medical team at Melwood had to get the superglue out when Danny got back from the last international break. This was the Lesbo's fault for making him train and play a game with all his limbs hanging off. The man is a lunatic. Brenda is incensed and has called the police and I have complained to the elders at the Home Office and the Pentagon and all sorts. Now we'll see.


Mrs Scouse I. Liesalot

Octobe 2014