Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Today Can Just Fuck Right Off

WE MOTORISTS ARE VICTIMISED FROM ALL ANGLES. I AM MOUNTING A FIGHTBACK CAMPAIGN Just got in from a five mile journey and I am now incensed and will kill someone. This is why:- Every single traffic light went red just as I was about to go through. Then they all stayed on red for twenty minutes each. Why do we have to have traffic lights in the first plac? They are just annoying and they make every trip twice as long as it should be. There is an agenda here. They clearly want people to run their stupid red lights so that they can fine us and give themselves pay rises out of the proceeds. I cannot think of any other reason for their existence. A succession of people on bicycles were hogging the road and going at 10mph. This was rush hour and they pay no road tax. Why are they allowed? I will knock one of them off, next time, and have done with it. They have a death wish and are asking for it. Someone in a so-called mobility scooter was swerving all over the road at 5mph. It was a hazard, as you might imagine. I don't know who these people think they are. They don't even wear helmets . All these people can walk but refuse to do so because they can't be arsed and are after the sympathy vote. Do they have right of way on the A Roads? The assumption must be that they do! Whatever next? Why don't we go the whole hog and let them use the motorways? The next time I see one of them trundling across a pedestrian crossing, acting like it owns the place, I will plough right into it and then tell the police that my brakes had been tampered with and failed as a result.

 I dropped my lit cigarette when I was doing 50 on a dual carriageway. It was not practical to stop. Everything is burnt. I'm thinking litigation. The car broke down on the largest roundabout in town. It took the recovery people an hour and a half to reach me and when they did, they claimed there was nothing wrong with the car excepting for the fact that it had run out of petrol. Excuse me, but I think I know how to read my own fuel gauge. But the recovery bloke was adamant and charged me £10 to put some fuel in. Why? Grabbing bastard probably kept it for himself. I will purchase a syphon from the garage. I will break the cap off one of their vans when nobody is looking and drain it of every last drop of gas. Then I will do so again. I will put their fucking petrol into my own car. Then they'll be sorry, the utter Twatzoids.

 Then a police car stopped me and said I was doing 40 in a 30 speed limit and will be getting a fine. I am a tax payer, I bankroll their wages as it is, these policeman,so they can fuck off if they think i'm paying a fine as well. I broke another speed limit deliberately as soon as the police had gone. I got up to 50 mph but there were speed bumps and now my suspension is fucked. What are these bumps doing in the middle of the road anyway? Why haven't the Council fixed this problem? Some ot these bumps have been there twenty years and still they never get around to doing something about them. Why can't we have nice smooth roads like we should have? Queen Elizabeth will hear of this. People kept sounding their horns at me today and they often seem to do this. They must fancy me. I can't blame them but it is inappropriate and very distracting when you are trying to drive. What is the point in kerbs? I gave my car two slow punctures on the way home,tonight, after successive mountings of various pavements. These pavements are gratuitous and a hazard. If they weren't there, we wouldn't mount them. I am starting an e-petition calling for their immediate abolition as a matter of urgency.

 Who is going to pay for my tyres to be repaired? I am sick of it now. I am sending the bill to the robber barons of the Highways Department at the local council but I bet they refuse to pay. I will take them to small claims court. Bastards. It started raining half way through my journey and people used this as an excuse to slow to 39 MPH until it stopped. Clearly they can't drive and should be made to take their tests again. I will be alerted the elders about this now. I had to stop at a zebra crossing for someone who was wearing a Liverpool shirt. Why? I am a Manchester City season ticket holder. I shouldn't have to stop for people who are Liverpool fans. Here are some more observations and suggestions. Driving is boring. Why aren't we allowed to spice things up? Why won't they let people smoke reefer at the wheel? There is no reason. They just like to have power over us and impose their snotty little rules. If they would only let people smoke something intoxicating whilst driving, there would be less alcohol related accidents, cosmically bored people could just have a spliff instead of six pints of lager. This would be particularly useful when driving cross country. People get so bored, they fall asleep at the wheel. I don't know why the authorities have not given more consideration to allowing alternatives to alcohol to be imbibed on long journeys. As usual, the bureaucrats and policy makers have failed to think this through. Putting signs up saying "Tiredness Kills" They have not thought it through. What is this stupid shit with one way systems? What is the point in having roads where you can only travel in one direction? And what are roundabouts in aid of? Nobody else has them. This country is stupid and becoming difficult to live in.

 Why do we have to wear seat belts? Do they think our cars are fairground rides or aeroplanes? They piss me off and are very restricting. Why do we have to have airbags? They make cars more expensive than they need to be. They're supposed to save lives but what makes them think saving my life is any of their business? Why aren't people allowed to drive on the hard shoulder? If they don't want people to do this, then why do they make them wide enough to drive down. It is confusing. I have been fined in the past Why can't we talk on the phone whilst driving? I thought this was supposed to be a free country. I was clearly mistaken as to this. Also, who the fuck are these people (see below)and why do we have to stop for them and obey their every whim. Someone told me the Council pay them for walking around with their stupid giant lollipops. Do they have a fetish or something and if so, why is the Council enabling them? I am looking into this and it better not be true.
Also, who the fuck are these people and why do we have to stop for them and obey their every whim. Someone told me the Coucil pay them for walking around with their stupid giant lollipops. Do they have a fetish or something and if so, why is the Council enabling them? I am looking into this and it better not be true. Something has to be done about all this. I have a good mind to camp out at the Town Hall and go on hunger strike. NB: Why doesn't my formatting work in Google+ but not in Blogger? It is making me look like a dickhead that can't punctuate.

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