Friday, 20 November 2015


I haven't posted for ages because I have found God. Here is a letter I sent to the one true Landover Baptist Church about this.


I have been scouring the internet for a new church. I was a papist but seeing as how the Pope has more or less abolished hell (and that isn't right) and Limbo and I need to be with worshippers who know how to preach fire and brimstone when it's needed and doesn't mollycoddle it's congregants the way the Roman Church is increasingly doing. Also, the Pope appears to be a Communist who bangs on about child poverty and yet doesn't say nearly enough about abortion.

I like the Reverend Jerry Falwell (although I think he might be dead, now and awaiting the Rapture) and I especially agree with him about how one of the tele-tubbies was a cross dressing homosexual with a woman's hand bag that was sometimes red and sometimes purple ..... and it wasn't right to have been bringing up toddlers to watch such shows. These depictions of Twinky Winky gave the impression that demonic transsexual behaviour of this nature is acceptable. An entire generation of our children have been blighted thanks to this and I feel energised by the Holy Spirit to help defeat such debaucheries going forward.

Also, I condemn masturbation because it is just the sort of activity that causes the Lord to send hurricanes and tsunami's to third world countries. Also my husband and I are living next door to a gay couple who have recently got married and one of them is black. The mere existence of this demonic union is frankly become a threat to the stability of my own marriage and we have had to put the house up for sale because of it. The mere idea that there are such abominations going on right next door to us every night of our lives is leading to mental health issues in my household. Imagine how badly the divorce rates will spike now that god fearing heterosexual couples are having their marriages menaced and trashed by heathen and barely human gay entities and their sickening wedding antics. All because of the accursed supreme court. Supreme pricks is what they SHOULD be called. Things have gotten so bad that my husband has taken to praying for the Rapture to be brought forward but this has yet to work.

I don't know what to tell my son about this because he is 9 years old and is being taught wicked things in school, like tolerance and evilution. Soon they will be giving him sex education and the birth control and once he hits his 14th birthday,  he will be able to fornicate without making babies. We are thinking about home schooling. Perhaps someone from your church can advise us about this.

I think there needs to be a Revival and I am hoping the Landover Baptist Church can lead it. There is to be a reckoning soon enough and we all need is to get right with the Lord. I see this post as my opening salvo in my determination to fight the good fight

I pray six times a day because it is holy and because it means I am praying more than those dirty, ungodly Muslims from the Middle East. They answer the Call to Prayer only five times daily.

My favourite bible passage is Revelation 20:8

And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea.

It is my favourite because it seems to foreshadow the coming Day of Judgement. Gog is Russia and Magog is Israel and proxy wars between the two are beginning in Syria, though it will not end there. These first skirmishes will be mere precursors to the Battle of Armageddon and I truly believe that our generation is the last and we are the chosen ones.

I can't decide whether Putin is the Anti-Christ or whether it's Obama. The latter certainly has the Mark of Cain on him and by the stealthy means of his Obama-Care program, is trying to have people fitted with microchips, which might be the Mark of the Beast, as was foreshadowed in scripture. As for Putin, well he is a cretinous goon with an attitude problem and ties to organised crime. My husband definitely thinks this and is rarely wrong.

But anyway the point is, the Anti Christ is amongst us and so we know Jesus is coming in the air once one of these nations nukes the other and that will be happening before we get to the end of this decade.

I'm sorry to spiel on about these hopes and fears but I am consumed by the Holy Ghost and yours seems like a welcoming and holy website even if some of you do bang on about hell quite a lot and accuse each other of apostasy.

I repent of my former wickedness.

Jesus is Lord

PS My husband has recently embarked on a mission to capture the soul of the cat for Christ. The cat doesn't like it. Is this sane?